Sunday, December 27, 2015


Now we're by ourselves again after a full time Christmas week with family from Switzerland and Sweden, dinners, cosy evenings and a lot of food. Many of us managed to catch a cold during this period but we had our hearts and mood up anyhow. Tomorrow and on Tuesday I'm working and then my oldest and his father is going to Switzerland and my mother in law is taking Alexis to the Swiss Alps for a week of ski school and pleasure. I'm sure he will LOVe it and can't wait to see if he has it in his blood just like his father who is amazing at skiing.

We have the cold temperatures coming back so today i'm putting on these warm hazelnut brown, suede boots and taking the whole family to a museum.

(sweater: Stella McCartney, jeans: Superjeans of Sweden & boots: Ikki)

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  1. I still cannot believe how you are neverr cold around your neck'!
    I never have seen you with scarfs around it.... Its the first thing that I protect when its cold.
    Well very good program for you, you will be free for a while and at the end do what you want!!