Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The day before D - day!

My oldest has his first Christmas School break for almost three weeks (any one know what to do during this time at home please feel free to give advice) and us grwn ups preparing for the last things necessary. I promised myself not to buy any expensive Christmas presents to anyone except the children, but also I feel like one should always give with a living hand, in other words give something extra to those that matters in your life when we are all still alive and healthy, so I failed and there will be lovely presents to the closest family.

This is what I wore today buying all the food with my oldest.

(fur jacket: Prada, top: Mango, trousers: Stella McCartney, bag: Louis Vuitton & leather sneakers: Nike)


  1. Beautiful (I name you like this....). Aren't you cold with your nice coat without long sleeves?
    Here its warm we have 10o today, for Chritsmas ! I honnesly, can say, that I prefer that, and not to be freezing....
    Even its not a weather of Chritsmas... I agree.
    Anyway, are you cooking a lot by yourself Stina?

  2. WoW 3 weeks is long for a Christmas holiday, maybe a week away in the show or somewhere sunny is a nice break?

  3. NÄR har du hunnit shoppa julklappar?!?! Fattar inte hur du hinner allt PLUS alltid se så put together och fabulous ut. Har du fler timmar på dygnet än vi andra? God Jul Stina!

  4. Yes Stina why dont' you go somewhere with M to a sunny place? Even 10 days (with children of course)