Thursday, December 10, 2015

Zacapa Reserva Limitada

Ever since my man introduced this seductive Rum, it's just been a part of our family. In every important, cosy or rememberable moment and can think of, a bottle has accompanied us throughout life together. Normally we enjoy the classic 23 year old Rum but how happy was I to receive this bottle of limited 4700 one of a kind production, straight from Guatemala.

This specific blend is created by using selected reserve rums aged from 6 to 24 years old. The rums are matured in American and french white oak casks which previously held robust American whiskies, delicate sherry and fine Pedro Xieménez wines. To finish the taste, a hint of refined Vanilla was added which generates a mouth of balanced flavours hinting coffee and fruit. Quite exceptional I have to say! What better way to enjoy a evening then with this as my companion and some good old music in the speakers?



  1. May I join you in the bathtube, with also a glass if this marvellous rhum.....?
    It would be funny, we will talk if all, all, all,....

  2. Sounds wonderful, I can almost smell it and feel the taste all the way from here. Tomorrow we'll have out traditional glögg-party at our dog park (yes, you heard it right :) ) and usually we drink some rum as well. I'm afraid we have to settle for just some ordinary Caribbean dark rum, unless some of us has recently been travelling....there is no such thing as Zacapa rum on the shelves of the Finnish Alko/Systemsbolaget :)

    Anyway, wishing you happy weekend and joyful moments!