Monday, January 11, 2016

A sign of life

Hi everyone. Apologize for my lack of updates but I've been by myself with my youngest and wanted to enjoy it to the fullest, plus, I had no one who could take my pictures. So therefor my Instagram account has been more vivid since it's easier to take quick pictures of everyday life there.
Nevertheless, the week has been wonderful. My gosh, it's S O O O  much easier with one child and It felt like avery needed vacation.

The weather though in Stockholm has been beautiful but very cold. Minus 16 the other day so the only way to dress is warm and practical. No high heeled boots, just warm ones which can survive 15cm of snow at least.

But we're more back to reality now and a lot fo fun things are going on which I will tell you all about in time.

Until then, see you soon!


  1. Don't worry dearest we all know how many you have to do. You look beautiful as usual

  2. Problems of connection

  3. Hi Stina! Please tell us a little bit about the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour bags you have. I would love to know how they are to wear, and what size you like etc. I'm deciding between a Baby or a Nano, and just don't know since I don't have a store around here to try on in person. Any input would be greatly appreciated! I LOVE your leopard one... :) Thanks! /Cecilia

    1. Oh i love it! I would chose this size which is the baby, the Nano is too small. Will shortly receive one in Small also since it's better for when I work.

      I love them!
      Good luck with your buy. The size you will get needs to work in your life and what you need to carry!