Saturday, January 2, 2016

Last day of 2015

New Years eve is for us not only celebration of the new year, it's also my little sisters birthday among some other dear peoples birthday so normally we take the car and go and celebrate our loved ones. This year though we only went to my parents who had made a beautiful and very yummy breakfast for Lissie which we all enjoyed.
Leon, ready for grandmothers delicious pancakes!
And of course, both kids fell asleep in the car on our way home ...
This intensive child life has given me experience, so I had both prepared the food the day before and picked out clothes to wear which was not too sensitive given the fact that we were about to spend New Year with four children of age 4, 3, 2 and 1 year. Silk and sensitive materials does not work and I talk by experience and about ten ruined dresses and tops later. It need to be comfortable and practical and most importantly, it must be washable! So I went for a pastel pink/apricot top and an old skirt with high heels even though they came on after the kids where put to bed.
The children played like crazy, bathed together, splashed water and played again. They had a earlier dinner and watched a movie and then it took about 1.5h to get them all in bed ...
... but just before we gave them a "mini" New Year and lighted some child friendly fire crackers and they could hold them themselves. It was really so amazingly cute and the sparkle in their eyes, to die for ...
But after putting them all to bed, (some of us even fell aslepp while doing so, not easy to be a parent always ...) we got back with the help of some strong Hot Shoots. Thank God for those and good music! Else we would have been in a coma I think after handling all four children the whole day.
And so came dinner, a lovely entrée of sea food and a long cooked Boeuf Bourgeon and plenty of Champagne and good wines.
Tired, a little exhausted but happy and in a wonderful mood. The evening ended with me and my bestie singing Karaoke songs like it was the last thing we did on this planet and laughed us through until 2016. A really great and all through perfect day/evening and night!
I hope you all had a lovely evening and celebrated 2016 in the best way possible!
Let's make this new year one of the best!

Big hug, 


  1. I like this post and a lot of nice photos.

  2. Happy New Year to your family, Stina! Your pictures are so full of beauty, style, a sparkly mood and children's joy that I can only wish more of the same in 2016. Diana

  3. Beautiful photos Stina and what a perfect evening. Terrific outfit too, Cheers to 2016 XO

  4. This day looks like perfection! What are those divine little drinks on the tray, coffee?

  5. Dear Stina I love so much this small glasses there are turkish one?You bring them from Maroco?

    1. Yes, but from when I was in Morocco five years back!