Friday, January 29, 2016


Mothers, how do you do with sweets? My boys are ALL into godis and sweets unfortunately so we're quite strict. Friday a little chips and maybe chocolate in the evening and Saturday, Lördagsgodis, (Saturday candy) preferably at Karamellaffären in Stockholm city since they have this old fashioned sweet store feeling and my boys love it (M and me too, hard not too).

But I heard about Ec-Go which has ecological and more healthy sweets which you can subscribe on. The first bag arrived yesterday as a try out, if I should continue i want it to arrive on Friday but the kids loved it and fount it so funny that that they fetched in our post box. I'm very happy that this is a more eco friendly not to mention healthier alternativ for the small ones.

I think the pictures speak for themselves!

Happy friday everyone!


  1. Så smart ide! Pris?

    1. Quite expensive but very healthy. 179SEK per bag

  2. I cannot believe how grown up they both look now! I can't help you, no children but I only have chocolate on Saturday too otherwise I'd be the size of a house.

  3. Love this, look at how excited they are, that's hilarious! My kids were crazy for sweets when they were little but they eventually grew out of it. I like your tradition of Saturday sweets, with the trip to the proper store, that's a perfect way to treat the kids.

  4. Incredible how much they are grown up each other! Very cute little ones.... So blond and A mor curly hair than Leon.
    Better to stop them with too much sweet, it looks a good compromise this ec co.

  5. I feel bad now. I have always been crazy about sweets so we do a little desert after dinner every nite... I am going to rethink this...Also, when I come home from work absolutely drained, I need a cookie or two and unfortunately my child notices right away...