Sunday, January 17, 2016

Ready for snow

It's extremely pretty outside with crispy white snow and minus 13 degrees today, but this really is not my cup of tea. Gosh please winter, go away. I want to wear my lovely coats, boots and feel light and lovely again.

Hope you all have a great Sunday where ever you are (hopefully where there's palm trees and sunny)!


  1. Me too...... Well less than minus 13 here, but toooooo cold for me also.
    In any circumstance you are beautiful dear Stina.

  2. Today was such a beautiful day. Cold, yes, but the light and the sun. We west iceskating on Värtan and there were so man out on the ice. My husband took a longer trip after lunch and skated from Täby to Lidingöbron

  3. The fur is not very nice:-(

  4. We do not like criticism in this blig of Stina. Each one does what he wants. Eat meat, etc etc.
    I am like Stina.

  5. Här har vi -29c kallt....

    Karleby, Finland