Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sus and Stina - Zacapa dinner

So I'll promise to make a nice post about the dinner Sus (her blog here) and me held on Friday evening. It was NOT my birthday dinner, we just happened to use that date since our master chief was busy other days. A very few selected were invited and we offered a wonderful Rum dinner with the most exclusive ones from our favorite Rum brand - Zacapa. But more about all of this soon!


  1. Stina you look amazing! Super Young and fresh!

    i have some questions to you as a Botox expert if you don't mind... my english is not perfect, i'm sorry

    A while ago you wrote about Botox and that you used it under your eyes for the first time. did you like it and did you still use it under your eyes?

    i use Botox since about 4 years now but i'm still not sure how often i should get injections (im 32 years old but due to sun bed tanning etc i already have some visible wrinkles under my eyes...)

    how often do you use Botox in your forehead and how often unter your eyes?

    i'm just curious because you are some kind of role model when it comes to Botox etc. You always look fresh and classy. you remind me of Linda Evangelista in that way... she never denied Botox or fillers and she Looks amazing!!

    i hope my questions are not to personal!

    have a nice day!

    Rebecca S.

  2. What a beautiful picture and so nice with one of you in dark colour and one in light. Effektfullt (in Swedish)!! /Laila