Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Hi Stina, why so many iPhone pictures lately?
- Not so fun perhaps but I will again blame the weather which makes style and fashion grey and boring. It's just to complicated to handle a camera with a grey or dark surrounding, not to mention full snow storm.

How do you like your new hair?
- I will again highlight how happy I'm with my hair, really, what a major difference on my inner feeling. I think my soul is one who can relate more to a darker hair, even though I love blond also, this feel more like me now.

Some sort of motto you live by?
- Many, one of them being that I'm not a horder and dislike having things in my home that's just around for no purpose. I like my things to be used being it porcelain, shoes, herbs or clothes. I go through my children's clothes and toys all the time. What they don't use I will give away or sell and sometimes throw. Same with me. For me it's extremely liberating to know exactly what I like, what I use and what works and bring something to mine and my families life. Not just piling up on everything coming through our door.

What have you cooked today?
- Alexis has chicken pox and wanted fried rice. My God Daughters father is from China and he always teach me how to make the best asian food. His fried rice with egg, ham and carrots is just a killer. We all eat it with a spoon and the kids normally enjoy it. Talk about healthy fast food, except the sugar that is included in it.

Something you look forward too? 
- Well this whole spring we have a trip every month. Just to feel alive and to make the everyday life a little more sparkling.

Something that bothers you?
- Well just because we have booked some trips is giving me a death anxiety. I need to have a break from the family life with man my man a little - but yet feel so scared that something would happen to us while being away. I almost created a flying fear which I've never had. If something would happen, I want the kids to be there too. Everyone I talk to about this, says that it's just motherhood and it will never go away.

You're turning 36 year soon! Will you celebrate?
- Actually it happen to be that a girlfriend of mine and me are hosting a tuxedo dinner for a very intimate crowd of mixed people that day. It's not to celebrate my birthday, i will tell all about it very soon, but I might have a extra glass of Zacapa rum. The evening after it's dinner out with my family!

Have a great evening everyone!


  1. Tuxedo / black tie dinner for dina engelsktalande lasare :) Tack for en fin blogg!!

  2. I was never afraid of flying until I had my children....I have to tell you mine are almost grown, but the worry never leaves (and my mother says the same to me!)

    1. I am afraid of that. My man says it's easier to die in a car accident and of course it's true. But flying feels at another level.

  3. well, your list seems full of nice projects and ine of them to to be more iften with your man. Travelling.
    Since the beginning that I know you, your life is far away from monotony and you are very mature for your 36 year'old.
    M is really a lucky man! and finally I agree with you, your darker hair is completely in harmony with your strong personality .

  4. Dear Uta, again you understand me, yes I feel like the darker hair reflects my personality more, I feel more feminine actually ho weird it may sound.

    Are you going on any nice holiday soon? Is you health better?


  5. Thank you dear Stina, so beautiful inside/ outside...
    Holidays right now as usual at these dates, are a bit compromise effectively.., may be in February I hope so.
    Big hugs

    1. I hope so too for you! We were suppose to leave for Guatemala in Feb but the flights where so insane and it was difficult to find a babysitter, so we're off for a couple of days to the south of Italy instead! The Mecca of wine and food!

      Hope you have the possibility to have some sort of vacation for soul and heart also with you man!