Thursday, January 14, 2016

Wednesday wear

Listening to this. I wonder if i'll ever grow up when it comes to music. Music is just everything!

(green fur, jeans: Superjeans of Sweden, cashmere sweater, boots: Givenchy & bag: Saint Laurent)


  1. Yes very important the music...
    Do you have new shorter boots Stina. I love them.

    1. Thank you! It's the shark key boots from Givenchy. Got them partly as an early birthday present from my parents.

  2. Älskar den låten! Man blir på så bra humör och känner sig lite lagom cool och sexig! Bra dans!

  3. Hello Stina, I am a follower since five years now, but have never left a comment yet :-) But now I thought its time to thank you for what you do here on your blog. It´s so inspiring to see your beautiful styles, your thoughts about the real meaning of life and how you manage life as a mother, wife and professional. I am 28 years old, living near to Munich and I love also to stroll in your older Posts, because there are a lot of common things in my life going on like when you was in my Age. Thank you for letting your Readers know all These things. Keep going like this :-)
    Greetings, Sa.