Thursday, January 28, 2016

Zacapa tuxedo dinner!

The story of Zacapa ...

So dear readers, I would like to introduce you to a world of warmth, happy times and passion - everything I admire, preferably together with the exclusive and timeless Zacapa rum which will without a doubt, deliver one of the mentioned if you need ...

You who've followed this blog over the years has seen this bottle from Guatemalas hights next to our side in more or less every trip my man and I have taken together. It's a sign of life and passion for us actually and we always have a few bottles of the 23 years one at home and will inevitably serve it to those we love and care for. We call it the secret ingredient. And really, it is! The smooth and rich taste will fill your taste buds and it's a perfect match to a Friday evening in front of a fire. It doesn't at all makes you sleepy (which a glass of nice red wine tends to do), it just brings you to a happy place where you feel more sensual and simply relaxed. I'm telling you it can be dangerous ... Use protection everyone!
A few months ago, I was contacted by no else then Diageo, the company behind Ron Zacapa, who shared the unimaginable news that they wanted me and Susanne Histrup (her blog here) to be the faces of their high-end rum brand in Scandinavia. Susanne had (at the time) never even had a drop of this rum... but let's say it played an important role in the creation of both my children, so for me it was only too good to be true. We were delighted, not to mention humbled and feeling very privileged, to be able to say yes to such an honour.
They asked us to invite a few very select people and after a lot of careful planning and major help from Pricsilla, we celebrated all of the above last Friday in the Napolyon restaurant in Östermalm. Food, rum and lovely people, what else can one ask for?
Zacapa is all about having the best in life. We therefore sent out invitations for this tuxedo dinner and had one of the world's best bartenders to make us some amazing Zacapa cocktails which tasted like heaven! This was a true rum dinner which meant that the three different kinds of rum were served to the four course dinner (no wine!). The star chef Daniel Engellaeu had created and matched a special meal exclusively for this evening. We were also accompanied by Diageo's Zacapa expert Michael Lundén to guide us through the pleasant and interesting combination of an excellent menu together with the different kinds of rum.

Here we are shortly before the guests start arriving.

Here we are with Mathilda, the brilliant PR woman behind everything successful with Lindex and Nicklas, working for TV4 and Metro Mode in Sweden, which is a huge fashion portal.
Everyone looked impeccable and I love tuxedo dinners; a slight hint of timeless glamour, femininity and men as gentlemen, what else? 
All in all we had two tables and together we had 23 guests. Many sadly called in sick but with January, it's nearly to be expected in Stockholm.
Did I mention it brings out passion? I swear on my children, it's dangerous! It makes the blood so wonderful and warm one needs to be cautious not got get too many of those little bambinos ... Here drop dead gorgeous Sara Biderman, a celebrity stylist with her man Danjiel.
Me talking to beautiful Petra who runs Metro Mode for women. So ohhh! what a night, we did of course not end it here at 1am... no, we went out in the night to celebrate life as it should!

Thank you dearly Susanne for doing this together with me and being such a fun partner in crime and thank you our lovely husbands for the support and everyone for coming: Annika, Johan, Linnea, Yang, Petra, Marcus, Sara, Danjiel, William, Sofia, Andreas, Corinne, Stina, Ph, Mathilda, Gustav, Caroline, Niklas och Emanuel.

Foto credit: Julia Asgård


  1. Dear Stina; my warmest congratulations for this great collaboration!! They could not have chosen a classier Lady for this mission! All the best <3

  2. Dear Stina; my warmest congratulations for this great collaboration!! They could not have chosen a classier Lady for this mission! All the best <3

  3. Magic pictures, BEAUTIFUL people, table, arrangements, we just can say whaouh superb !!
    Was it a photograph who has taken this wonderful photos?

  4. Stina,
    Yes of course! I forgot to congratulate you for this great collaboration .

  5. I love this rum and started to drink it after I've seen it in your blog many years does my man......::))

  6. Best faces for Zacapa!!!!! Classy and beautiful!!!!

  7. Så vackert event, perfekt värdinna, magiskt strålande. Den romen skall jag pröva. Kramar Karoline_79

  8. So exciting! My boyfriends mum is from Zacapa and will hopefully visit the town in Easter. It is unfortunately a bit dangerous there with both mafia and mosquitos... A couple of bottles I have to get though!
    Keep enjoying,

  9. Hey Stina, congratulations dear!! I just loved every photo of your party and truly blog is so wonderful. The party seems classy and attractive. All of you were looking gorgeous. You know I am also planning a classy party for my office, and I have hired corporate event planning team for that. I wish they will plan party in same way as yours.