Monday, February 29, 2016



Reality, oh this little chubby boy is going such a major terrible two at the moment. Everything is no, no, no and a big cry while trying to defend his will and testing his power to become a little human being. I feel so sorry for him because it's hard, he is suffering. All I can do is try to be there, without getting to frustrated and give him unconditional love even when he is angry.

Picking him up at kindergarden today I counted five big tantrums before we even got to the car and he wanted to go barefoot (it's minus degrees outside) to the car without any sweater. Gosh we were both so tired after that battle we fell asleep in the sofa directly after entering our house. Not easy neither to be 2.5 years old or take care of someone in the worst phase.

Have a cosy evening!


  1. Oh gosh I remember well! You must be utterly exhausted beyond. I hope this phase passes quickly. The good news is he will be a strong independent young man! My son turned 23 yesterday, oh his Terrible Twos were epic but he is very strong-minded, a problem solver, graduating with a physics degree in June and already has a job lined up. Strong wills!
    Good thing they are so adorable at age 2 isn't it! Hang in there Stina XOX

  2. This is tough, but it will pass. Terrible 2's are trying.

    I found setting limits and using time outs along with lots of love and attention helped us both get through the terrible 2's.

    Also, in the moment, refocusing Leon's attention when he is focused on something acceptable (bare feet) can help. I used to say, we are going home and we'll play (name a favorite game/activity), so put your shoes on and we will be on our way. This gives him a sense of control and ability to apply his will. Otherwise it becomes a game of wills.

  3. Stina hang in, this is exactly how said DaniBP. But you are young and recuperate quick happily!
    Anyway, fabulous natural, love life picture.... Life with 2 healthy boys....