Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fashion week Stockholm

Yes it's Stockholm Fashion Week again. If I would have been invited to the Paris FW I would have skipped work and gone to all the majestic and great shows where true fashion and style is shown, outrageous and beautiful, artistic and original. Swedish fashion can for me be a little to convenient, to secure. We have a few designers which I really admire, every year they produce something fresh, fun and always with a red thread in their design.
It's fact and I don't blame the designers, I blame the consumers who wants everything that everyone else have and for a low price preferably. Zara and H&M is amazing, but they also destroy for many true aesthetic designers out there when they mass copy most things in a blink of an eye and make almost the same garment 20 times cheaper.
Anyhow, today I'm having a babysitter a few hours and will join it for a short amount of time just to feel like one of the "cool" ... well, no, but many of my friends are there and It's always lovely to see some of the shows.
This picture is from one of the shows when Leon was just a year, some of you complained about my outfit that day, but if you would have known the circumstances and what i was planning to wear (an amazing outfit which was impossible with Leon since the babysitter backed out) - i did not pay that much attention, was just happy to be there in time!

This year i'm choosing a much more thought through wear which was also appropriate for my day of work just before, I'll see if I have time to snap some pictures!


  1. As usual in any circumstances you are beautiful. Your look that day was perfect, why people complained??!! Don't understand! Looking forward to seeing what you wore this year iin Front raw, of course....

  2. I am not the most witted when it´s about what is fashion and not but I think you own the picture so to say, with your 'I-did-it-my-way' outfit and the best of accessories; your beloved Prins Leon <3

  3. Stina, I see that you really have an old fashinoned way of opinion about our swedish brand H&M and really don't have any knowledge about how the industry really works. A really disparaged thinking about all the designers at the company and the work they do... I really think that you should watch the episode about H&M that Emilia de Poret made for TV4 in the program Min Stil to get an understanding about the process and work. Zara, yes they foresure make straight copies, eventhough I think tjat they've been better lately creating their own Fashion... This is a comment from one who work in the Fashion industry and know the process and amount of work that is behind each garment. I think you would have equally upset about an old fashinoned thinking and opinion about your industry.

  4. I think the outfit that day looks great and you dress more interesting then most of the 'fashionable' people in Sweden! well done! xx