Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Napoli - bad weather packing

It's a busy day laying ahead of me. Migraine treatment, blow dry for my hair, cooking dinner for my parents in law that are arriving from Geneva. Tomorrow we're off to Italy, a gift from my mans super sweet and generous parents. Napoli to be precise and I'm looking forward a lot to great coffee, Italian wine, food and a decent pizza. Unfortunately the weather forecast shows rain every day we're there and if packing wasn't already a complicated thing, now it feels almost impossible.
Napoli is a rough city, a little like Palermo in Sicily so you can't look "too much or too well off or stand out too much". My man says that's one of my biggest problems, that I always does and he fear the day we will cross the Atlantic and go to South America. My concern is that if I'm off to a vacation, I don't want to dress down and walk around in jeans and sport shoes, I want to dress nicely, especially on a romantic trip like this.
Well, well, not a big problem at all but I've been occupied planning what to wear and bring last night. Rain is always such a party poper and I really hope the weather God's will change their mind when we arrive.

Had it been sunny i might have chosen a different palette with lots of colours, but I have a feeling the boots and my sneakers will be worn the most if the streets are all wet ... of send me positive thoughts that it will be at least no rain! 

I might have time to show you my coordinated style planning on outfits, I have them all figured out so I know what to wear every day and every evening. It makes like easier when I am there and erases frustration on place.

Have any of you been to Napoli? I love Italy and have been to many different places, but not Napoli. Let me know what to see!

Talk soon!


  1. I v been one time take comfy shoes so many up walking, and maybe small bag which you can take very close to you to avoid thefts, If you have time take one day excecursion to Capri., take morning ferry and come back one the evening. Napoli a little dirty place, but food, bufflo pizza OMG.

  2. If the weather allow... Take a short boattrip to Capri and enjoy some limonchello :) Great food is what I remember from my trip to Napoli, not so beautiful city, but charming in its' own way. Enjoy!

  3. Hello Stina,
    Just be careful!! I have been there, and half hour later (and i DO mean it 30 minutes later!) my handbag was stolen, with my passport, 300€, bank cards ...
    P.S. - love your blog!

  4. How I understand you!!! I am the same, and my husband says the samething than M!!'
    It looks superficial to most of people I know! but its important for me to be well dressed for any circumstances, even in the plane, to walk, etc etc...........
    Oh Stina, it will never change, we are made like this and want to please to our husbands (man) even I am married still moremore longer than you are with M! And also for myself of course.
    Napoli! there is so many to see really hope that weather will not be raining, but its very south and it can change quickly.
    At least it will not be cold.... Dont take too many jewellery..... And be careful with your bag.
    Big hugs

  5. Take only 2 pars shoes for night, its sufficiennt!

  6. Älskar att du är så planerande ang outfits när du reser. jag gör likadant och blir alltid retad av familj och vänner som säger att "packa gör man väl lätt precis innan man åker, man kastar ner nåt bara". Underbart att veta att någon gör som mig i varje fall! Håller tummarna för att ni slipper regnet och att ni får en härlig weekend!

  7. Ahah, I understand now why you are intersting about a Fendy's bag.... Buy it there its really cheaper in Italy.

  8. Snygga sneakers, vilken modell är det?

  9. be super careful - my family in Napoli won't let me leave their house with even silver studs in my ears and definitely not even a simple handbag. and that's for someone who looks italian and goes everywhere with people from napoli. my uncle claims they can spot an outsider a mile away and theft and robberies is just so commonplace.

  10. Napoli is not a nice place to visit, there are not much italians there but gypsis and maroccans mostly, italians fled the city because of crime and bad enviroment. There are so may other beautiful cities in Italy, why choose the worst. It's like you would give a trip to your parents in law to Sweden and choose-Malmö.

  11. Wear money belts under your clothes and carry a cheap handbag with a few euros in it. Do not stand out. Good luck.

  12. Hej Stina!

    Jag var i Napoli för några år sedan. Det stämmer att man inte skall gå överallat. Vi var på väg att testa den bästa pizzan i stan men återvände eftersom det började se för skumt ut. Det jag gillade var architekturen och alla museum. Och såklart gellato :) Jag har några bilder från Napoli på min blogg om du vill se!

    Önskar er en trevlig resa!


  13. Thanks for a great blog! Hope you never stop.

    I really like your eyebrows! I'm planning to book a consultation with Jenny at AK. I would like to know what the difference is between having this treatment done or to have your brows professionaly coloured and shaped every 3 weeks? Well expect the price diffrrence...

  14. I thought Naples was really dodgy, it was a relief to get over to Capri, I didn't feel at all comfortable there.

  15. Absolutely Tabitha, Napoli is only a relief to go to Capri and its a terrible town to stay!