Thursday, February 18, 2016

Napoli Streetstyle


 I had just started to come back to reality on these pictures, having had a bad stomach bug for two days. The best way to see a city is by far to walk around in it if you ask me and I'm so grateful that I bought these black leather sneakers some month ago because I do find that they look much better then normal sports shoes, yet serves the same good purpose, to be comfortable. My Chloé shoes (in black suede with scalloped ends) managed to be comfortable for fours hours but after I wished to wear these instead.


  1. So it means that you walk all day on dearest?!

  2. Jag är ingen sneakers person men går ut ballerinas och fina läderskor på 1-2 månader pga det.. vart hittade du dessa? känns bara så himla tråkigt att köpa, Louboutins lockar mer!

  3. I remember you saying not so long ago that in your world sneakers are only for training. What has changed now that you're using them in city vacation? Don't get me wrong, I like your sneakers and I think that they are very comfortable when walking a lot.

    Best, Marika

    1. Yes but these are much fancier and doesn't look like sneakers just serves the purpose of some!