Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Red piazza

Red for the Italian passion and for Valentines day.
Streetstrotting in Napoli city.


  1. Did you come back, beautiful ?

  2. Thanks for a great blog! Hope you never stop.

    I really like your eyebrows! I'm planning to book a consultation with Jenny at AK. I would like to know what the difference is between having this treatment done or to have your brows professionaly coloured and shaped every 3 weeks? Well expect the price diffrrence... I just want to add that my eyebrows are not over-plucked, they go "all" the way but the hairs are thin and not full.

  3. I have the same sunglasses. i like them so much.

  4. I'd love to hear what you think about Napoli - the must see places, the best restaurants and so on! We are travelling to Italy on April with my man and it's the first time for the both of us :) Your blog is one of my favourites, greetings from Finland!
    - Anne

  5. Nice photos Stina!I like your coat so much.Where did you buy it?