Monday, February 22, 2016

Sunday funday

// SUNDAY //

The days can be v e r y long on the weekends if you don't have at least one, preferably two different activities. This Sunday we meet up with another bestie of mine and her family and went to Fjärilsmuseet, a place like the tropics, with free butterflies and animals.

I just wish the snow and mud would vanish now, so very tired of grey and cold weather, words can not describe.


  1. Oh Stina how I understand you, this weather makes me very very depressed....
    Hope to leave soon for a sunny country before I get mad.

  2. Hello Stina.did not really want to write again.But when I happened to see one ofyour friday's entry on the blog -the wearing of an H/Ca/Cé nice scarf cuddled around the neck-it struck me on a personal note. This is my way of wearing all these silk scarves spontaneaous words to you.Cath(do you remember??) All the best in this chilly morning here.And thanks for the nice pics from Naples.Just a bit surprised still that you guys were not busted by homeless there.Because of your nice coats and bags!

    1. It's the most effortless way I would say and my personal favorite!