Sunday, March 27, 2016



Spring came very early this year and I feared that winter would still be in (impossible) Stockholm, but no - Easter came this year with mild temperatures and a beautiful and very energetic light, one felt the joy from deep within and I could see the whole nature come alive again.
And we were so happy to have my Zürich bestie and family visiting, especially this newborn little cutie which I saw for the first time in reality.We had a long and lovely wine and Easter lunch and was so lucky to have some of our four legs animals visiting just one meter outside the living room window. The kids were fascinated, so were we!

A very early morning (6.50am) with this splendid light shining through, filling my heart with so much positive feeling. And as you can see, a very tired father trying to collect some extra sleep.
We've also worked in the garden since the weather was so pretty. Cutting trees, fixing and trixing. The kids played perfectly together and had an complete adventure of their own in our garden.
Little Leon, with some spare rests of Easter makeup with small chickens and bunnies on the cheek.

We're changing the whole cover of our sofa, that's why it looks very odd and naked but since it's custom made, we have to live without a cover for a few weeks until w get the new one.
This picture was taken today. We've been to dinners, museéum, played outside, meet up friends, played again etc etc, both boys and me fell asleep together like three puppies this afternoon and I bribed Leon with my phone so that I could sleep another ten minutes whilst he was awake again.
It's really been a wonderful Easter with friends, family and dinners. Just as it should. The kids have been walking around the neighborhood dressed as small withes, knocking on the doors and receiving sweets, a Easter tradition they and I love.

Tomorrow we're having lunch with my God daughter and her family. Feels so liberating to have yet another great day of being off.

Hope you all had a lovely and peaceful time!


  1. Thank you for sharing lovely photos, both from easter and in the post below. Looks amazing. Longing for the alps but with a newborn we have to wait a little.
    How I long for a garden to be in every year at this time. Spring and summer i a house with a garden is so joyful! Take care!

  2. Thank you for sharing! Love your blog!

  3. So happy you had such a good Easter weekend. The children are completely adorable and having a new baby to visit- how lovely.
    We had an ice storm just before the weekend and it was gloomy and a world of ice with trees falling etc, my husband took me for a special lunch on Saturday and we emerged after lunch into sunshine and the melting, birds everywhere and steam rising with the thaw, it was amazing. Seemed just like spring and it's such a positive feeling as you say!
    Cheers to the end of winter! xo

  4. That picture of all three of you sleeping was so nice and cute!

    Stina, I have a completely different question to you regarding skin care: do you use sunscreen everyday and do you have a favorite?