Saturday, March 5, 2016

Saturday reunited

Early this morning my oldest son and my Dear man came back to Sweden after being away. So wonderful to have us all together. The two brothers hugged for a long time (then it was all back to the same fun/fighting like normal).
Alexis was invited to a birthday party so I went off to Riché in the city and meet up some friends for two hours and refused the grey, humid and depressing weather outside and decided to feel spring in mind and body (read clothes).
Even if I was only away for this short amount of time, gosh it gives me energy and I'm so much better of a mother after.

Now we have just spent two cosy hours in our tv-room with the kids and I just wanted to post something for here and wish you all a nice weekend!


  1. So nice outfit, I like white pants idea

  2. You are very fashiôn with the large new pant. But ! As usual I have something to say.... Sorry! Even you are very slim, tall and the combination is perfect I prefer trousers not so large. Not only on you Dear Stina on me too... But fashion it is! and you wear it with elegance of course. And you are ALWAYS beautiful. I am a fan of Stina as everyone knows !!!' Not lesbian, in love with my husband, dont worry ones who can imagine wrong things..... We never know with nowadays bad thinking people !!
    What a lovely afternoon even for 2 hours... I repeat , so nice to have so many good friends,

  3. Thinking of increasing your breast size again?

  4. Yes p, your breast is very big into this pullover. Why not, it's nice.

  5. A break like this to shop for something new which leads of course to thinking of spring and travel is completely energizing, I totally understand! Have a lovely cozy weekend Stina. xo