Thursday, March 3, 2016



So how has this week been so far Stina?
- Well since Alexis is having school break he went to Switzerland to skii again. It was a little bit more difficult this time I heard but I'm sure he enjoy the change of environment.

Any trips planned?
- Yes, we're off to Zermatt soon. My man will be in heaven. I will always prefer warmer climate to snow, but since he LOVES skiing I will off course enjoy it also. I was brought up skiing every winter so I'm not a complete fool.

How do you like your new phone?
- Honestly, I don't know how I survived so longs with my smaller one. iPhone 6S plus is amazing. Finally I can write properly and for pictures and browsing the webb it's fantastic.

Are you still in love with the brown hair? 
- Oh yes, even though I think I will be blond again at one point. You know me, I need constant change, it's in my personality. Switching from this to that before anyone can blink. I have very little patient so change is good for my well being.

What kind of decisions are hardest for you?
- 1. Where shall we live in the future? And other sort of questions with a more simple touch like if I have two colors on a bag I like. Which one shall I take? Else my decisions comes quite rapidly.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? 
- Strengths: Loyal, determent, really loving to those i love, accepting of many different types of humans, generous, hopefully fun, my aesthetic mind. Weaknesses: Determent, stubborn, fashionaholic/shopaholic, strong minded (when I was younger I could hurt people with my honesty even though my intuitions where good).

What big things in life do you look forward to?
- Deciding if we want a third child or not, deciding where to live more permanently and some other big things I can't really talk about here yet. Putting Leon into the same international school as Alexis next summer. It has been so great, such a privilege for Alexis.

How would your boss describe you?
- Hard working, completely independent.

What do you do when you're home by yourself?
- I make changes in our house, sort out things ( I have a need to sort out things, sell, give away, I'm as far from a horder anyone can be), I go through all my favorite fashion pages and look, it's truly a passion. I also take long baths, cook a nice healthy lunch (love all kinds of heavy soups), call my dear friends, plan trips and just give me time to relax. I also like to do the 7min exercise and try to do that everyday.

Are you a media junkie?
- I try to leave my phone when I come home and the kids are awake, but after, of course. Like everyone else. It's sick and I do believe it's unhealthy, but this is the life we're in. Everyone should set rules though, decide how much time per day we spend.

What do your do when the kids are asleep?
- Before I did a lot of things and never really relaxed but my migraine need to relax so I try to cuddle up in bed with something to nibble on with a good movie or a serie. That's really my true and lovely way to relax. Long for that time all day.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Thank you for a fun and interesting list! I am really enjoying following your beautiful family especially now since I am just days away to have my own for the first time. Exciting times ahead! So fun to go back and read your post about giving birth as well. Thank you for sharing your everyday life, let´s hope the sun will shine in Stockholm the rest of the week!

  2. I love to see you with a top chignon in French. These migraines are horrible I know someone who has that, she has to stay in a dark room laying down during one day sometimes...
    You are so so pretty anyway. Your hair is a little bit less darker and you know that I like you with blond hair... Maybe, I am the only one but not to brown please please.....

  3. Great Wednesday list, these are such good posts that you do. Funny I have the same with my husband- he loves to ski, I have learned to enjoy winter sports like cross-country ski/snowshoe but my favourite thing is to relax at the chalet, I do like the fireplace and it's always enjoyable to plan the meals etc. Also to have friends there with us! We've been going every weekend this winter and our kids love it also, they have grown up skiing since age 3-4 and are all expert at it, like my husband.
    They really appreciate the fact that we brought them up with this sport, they see now they are older it is not the easiest/cheapest family activity for sure.
    Have a great weekend, I hope getting some rest once your kids are in bed results in less of the headaches, they are so terrible. XO

  4. I am following your blog because I like how you live your life, fast and fabulous. I also have little boys and I like to shop but feel guilty sometimes. I like looking at your wardrobe and maybe start not being a hoarder. You entertainment with your almost daily updates. Keep it up.

  5. Did you try a cortisone treatment for your migraines Stina.
    I heard it can save from these horrible headaches. Well, may be you are not found of cortisone, but I tell you what I heard.

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  7. Hopefully you want a third child. I think a little baby-girl would make your family perfect. You are such a lovely mummy.

  8. certainly you would like to have a mini-Stina

    1. And if she got a boy?!

    2. Look for Beckham they didnt give up and have girl, I know a lot examples when man has 3 sons and 4 is daughter, you can increase yor chance read about it . My man has 2 boys from other realation and one with me and now we did all things which I read 3 days before ovulation, get some lubricant with sour ph , takes long bath and sauna after sex, eat a lot of oranges and lemon to have sour ph which is good for girl, so I hope it will girl, in my family and friends it works, so I hope for little girl but the important is to have health child I tell you if i will know sex.. But I belive that you want something very much you will get it, like in the Holly Bible pray and you will got it.

    3. The bible is just fiction, nothing real and three boys is as good as two or two and one girl.

    4. i just want tell that if you want something, dreaming about it never give up,even it seems impossible, your strenght mind can do some amazing things, like for me everybody told that it is impossible to be lawyer without concesion, rich family in my town, but I didnt give up, learnt so much, work and belive that I am, so now I am lawyer, so this same with have a little daughter I think how happy I will be, how much gratefull I will be everyday, and how loved she will be in one family, but of course the most important thing when being pregnant is to have healthy child, this is the information which I am looking so much.

    5. So skip the gender and wish for a healthly child only.

    6. hahaha...when we speak to foreigners that we have 4 kids, the question is always:
      and, have you got finally your boy/girl?????!!!
      Our answer: we have 2 boys and 2 girls. no twins! just perfect.
      Most important thing: Healthy Kids!!!

  9. Dear Stina,
    I hope this question is not to personal. Why you do not want to live permanently in your house in Sweden? Do you think going back to Switzerland?

    Lots of greetings

  10. Amen Sylvia !!!
    I am dreaming to read these kind of things........