Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Zermatt ski style

So today I'm packing because we're leaving to Zermatt for a couple of days skiing. The kids are at home in our house with my parents.
I haven't done this sort of packing for quite some time, in other words, no high heels, no dresses. Only warm yet nice things to wear. Focus need to be on being warmth since I have a tendency to always freeze. In the evenings for restaurant visits, I will wear jeans and a cashmere sweater. Zermatt is not so "I'm coming here to be seen" as Courchevel or Megéve in France or St Moritz/Verbier/Gstaad in Switzerland.

Zermatt is ranked third of luxurious ski resorts in Switzerland though but there, the real skiers go (according to people I know and my man who is an excellent skier, I love the other places too). You've probably seen and heard about the mountain Matterhorn, think Toblerone and you can picture it. It is claimed that “in Zermatt, après ski begins at noon”. This is the ethos that surrounds this very famous village. Yes, the skiing is good, in fact very good, but so is the relaxed approach to life.
Zermatt is the highest ski resort in the Alps, and it is nearly always sunny in Zermatt. This resort is particularly good for advanced and intermediate skiers, so I hope I'll survive since I've told my man that I only want to go in the very "friendly slopes", not down hill like a crazy bananas as when we were young.

Zermatt is a very attractive village, with no motorized cars as these were banned. You park your car outside the mountains and take a small train to the final destination, then you walk in the village to your hotel or Chalet.
The architecture is quite typically alpine and befits the beauty of this area. You can see life go on as normal in this very popular town, with farmers going about their duties near to hotels. The sound of the cowbells is excellent.

For us this place has a very particular meaning since Alexis happened to me made here and we ahd a very cosy time in a Chalet at that time. We had too much Zacapa rum and I had too many Irish Coffe for sure. 

Can't wait! The weather seems to be amazing and it has been snowing for many days now so my man is VERY HAPPY!

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(fur sport jacket from Switzerland, skii pants: Lindeberg, snow boots: IKKI, hat: Stella McCartney & cashmere pullovers: SoftGoat)


  1. Hello there, Megeve is actually in France, not Switzerland. Happy skiing in Zermatt, the weather is gonna be excellent this weekend!
    Eva from Verbier

  2. Oh enjoy! So envious, no more Alps for me this season, it seems, which makes me sad (I just got a couple of days around New Years, most of the time I spent sick in bed...). So far, we mainly go skiing within Italy, but I hope to go to Zermatt soon, you sure make it seem amazing!


  3. That is what Stina says, Megeve IS in France.^
    Just came back from Zermatt, half the time was sunny. Lovely restaurants like Zindlerhof and Chez Vrony! Where are you staying? Would love to know where a person who knows Zermatt very well, like your man, stays there.


    1. Yes, Stina corrected after my comment. ;D Eva

  4. Happy stay to Zermatt dear Stina. Its very pretty and of course very good for real skiers like M.
    As I dont ski well, Its not for me..... But enjoy and take good air, Irish Coffee and sun!
    P.s. Who knows? Another baby again!?

  5. well, maybe a little Alexia this time?:)
    have a lovely time!


  6. We have mostly been going to Zermatt lately, in mid-March. I'm intermediate but I find even the blue pistes too narrow and with too many not particularly well-educated people. My husband's cousin that's Swiss told me to hire an instructor which turned out to be the best advice. Since then I always ski with instructors in the morning, which i love.

    Anyway, have a great week and watch out on the super narrow descent to Chez Vrony (and on the streets, it's full of tiny electric cars, no pedestrian streets unfortunatelly).