Friday, March 25, 2016



Zermatt, such a precious place for us both emotionally, for memories and for it's amazing skiing. We were honoured with mind blowing weather and just you know, picture perfect white landscape and loads and loads of snow. M is and excellent skier, me, I can ski and will go to most slopes but far from as secure as my man.

He had reserved lunches in the middle of the slopes at the best restaurants Zermatt has to offer and believe me they are beyond good. The food is far from Raclette and Fondue and we had three course everyday both to lunch and dinner. (All skiing made us very hungry).

Since I could not bring my real camera, there's not so many fun pictures to show. The last day we went hiking up one mountain for 1.5hours. In the end I only wore s t-shirt and nothing else, sweating and surrounded by huge masses of snow and a warming sun shining so wonderfully.

Overall it was just so much love and so great. A very much needed escape from everyday life and all what that means.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the photos, what a trip! I have to go here with my husband. Like yours he is an excellent skier. Must be his Austrian blood. Such lovely views and so wonderful that you had the sun too. xo