Wednesday, April 27, 2016

39th floor


We stayed in Soho, my favorite area in combo with West village I just realised just because everything feels international, young, neat, chic, vivid, alive, high fashion and original - plus, the small lovely breakfast places and small wonderful restaurants are many of them located there. They have Chanel around the corner and many smaller designer stores with really different things, like the yellow fox fur waist bag I bought in a small designer store, apparently some collaboration with a designer from Fendi, how cool?
The Hotel, Trumps Soho is suppose to be a luxurious choice, and yes the service was excellent and the 39th floor with the view and suite made it worth it but else it was so so. Not even the WiFi was included ... Things like that can really make me irritated. But waking up to the sun and Manhattan burning like fire, it made it all worth it. Quite exceptional I must say.

I will not pretend that I'm an expert of NYC, but my man is and he knows many of the places where the hidden pearls is to be found. Very suitable I must say. Else I'm of course fond of Upper East, but not further away then Lexington Street. We went to some lunch places close to Park Avenue and a smaller street going to Central Park, and my lord. These Upper East older ladies, impeccable dressed, fixed with jewelry/hair and makeup for lunch with gems big as grapes. Over the top, too much surgery in their face, but even so, ultra elegant and so very fascinating!  Mega expensive lunch places but oh so worth it just to get a glimpse into the hardcore world of perfection up there where everything is about who you are married to, how close to central Park you live, which private school your children goes to and where in Aspen or Hamptons you'll spend your winter and summer.

Talk soon!


  1. Well Stina I repeat what has not left.
    I was saying how much right was your point of view concerning each area of NY. You capt exactly the soul if this city that I love.
    Have you been to Bergdorf, Bendel, etc on the 5th and to 57th where all désigners are? Museum are at West part, more of them. Did you have time to see an exhibition ? Anyway I think that you already have done a lot. May be Peter & Luger when you have been to the bridge arriving to them (Brooklyn already) and have eaten these huge meats!

  2. Lovely photos!

    I wonder if the business has gotten worse at the Trump hotels since the Trump campaign. I don't think I would want to stay at any of his hotels!

  3. Yes actually I would not make him to earn him money!! Before, I was going to the Trump Tower where my friends had a big flat on the 5th Av on 55th it was fabulous.
    Then with my husband we went to the Four Seasons on the 57th Street. I also appreciate this area,
    Village, Soho, Broadway etc etc , we also like them very much because more young and artist, we shared these areas beween West and South so easy to take taxis there... and walk, walk, walk.... Its like this that we discover NY. I dont like to stay in the same area, I like to go everywhere.