Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Add personality


So one thing I had in mind when packing for this New York trip was: be yourself, be feminine, use colours, different vibrant looks and since I know my man loves when I do so, it was fun and different to pack this time. I embraced my style completely and even so it was not really that easy since I knew most of the days wear needed to be fitted to flats and sometimes my black leather sneakers. I find it utterly more easy to combine styles when you add 7-10cm of heels, don't you think?

I'm also still very fond of my brown hair and love the even darker roots my hairdresser added a week before going. All my clothes has come to live again which is great for someone like me who needs constant flow of new and fresh.


  1. You exactly took what we wear in Ny !

  2. On your Instragram I am uta1573 you will know that it is me!
    Big hugs beautiful