Friday, April 29, 2016

Be generous


This was one of my favorite styles on our trip, fresh, comfortable and I don't know how many kind compliments I received on the streets by women and men which I always find is so kind and cute. That someone takes the time and give.
Myself, always try to enhance someone who I see made an effort, it's such an easy gesture and the person will most probably be overwhelmed by gratitude. We should always give to others when we can. During years passing I've learned how to say "Thank you" rather then" No, really" and so on.

For me, there's nothing as inspiring as men and women out there putting some extra effort in the way they are as human and the way they dress. It's like the rainbow in my everyday life where most people are dressed with very little thought to it.
(sweater: Chloé, vest: Zara, pants: Stella McCartney, bag: Louis Vuitton & new flats: Nicholas Kirkwood)


  1. Dont forget its typical American to complimentate... women well dressed, (And pretty) coming from
    Europe... They love, bags, clothes etc. I have that each time, but I believe half.... Anyway, its flattering the ego, and its not bad to hear!
    In your case they are right you are beautiful !

  2. Åh Stina, du har så rätt. Mer kärlek i världen. Ni verkar haft en magisk resa, jag älskar New York. Tycker du har varit så galet snyggt klädd. Massa kramar Karoline

  3. Your cosmopolitan sense of style and grace is recognized on the streets of NYC! Very nice complement. I find lots of women recognize good style when they see it put together on others, but often have difficulty putting an equally good looking complete outfit together.

    You also have the height to carry off almost any outfit and not everyone has this gift. So glad to hear you are enjoying NYC. Susan