Thursday, April 28, 2016

From 7am

Another beautiful day, we really had the weather Gods when visiting, sun almost everyday and warm but not too much. We went to a really interesting art performance one of the evenings which I highly recommend, completely original and except the unexpected for sure. Women dancing and fighting above you in water, flying screaming women that flows around in crisp, shiny paper impossible to describe but fascinating and very artistic. We also went to MoMa of course, my man could have spent hours in there but I can not when there's real life outside to take in and explore.

Everyday we had a walk in Central Park, I would say it's a must to just get some balance from the huzz and buzz and they also offer some wonderful restaurants in there.  Perfect for lunch or a cocktail.


  1. Lovely pictures Stina! It shows that you had good time.

  2. Well Stina. About same program than ours when in NY!
    . I have a big list of the more fashionable restaurants or the best italian, japanese, cuban, I miss NY ....
    I don't kike Balthazar..... Too much French arrogant!

    1. Oh you should share them here darling!

      Baltazar we only had for breakfast, no I would not go there for dinner.