Wednesday, April 13, 2016



So yes, were heading away again next week, just my man and me, to New York of all amazing cities and I just can't wait. I truly think it will be amazing and since my man has sort of lived there a part of his young life, It will be even more dynamic, feeling like a New Yorker for almost a week. At the time New York is warm and perfect weather (if anyone is there right now, keep me posted on the weather please). We stay at a wonderful hotel, have some reservations to nice restaurants and will above that just have fun!

When it comes to packing I need to be organized to travel rather light. My dear parents in law are coming to us in a few days and we have dinner this weekend so I need to do the packing now.  I'm thinking flirty, feminine and eclectic since it's just him and me. Practical and comfy shoes always destroys part of the fun during daytime since we'll probably walk a lot, but I've learned by my mistakes.

Have a lovely day so far!


  1. How wonderful. Is it your first time beeing in NYC? If it is possible for you please post pictures on Instagram that would be amazing. Have a good time.

  2. I love love love NY my preferred town in the world., I have been so many many times there but we always discover something new... Take baskets to walk of course and your shoes in the bag of nice ones if lunch in meantime, for dinner no problem, taxis... We always go to the Four Seasons Hotel on the 5th but may be you will go to an hotel at Village, Soho, in the South.?
    Ohlala I would return there right know . Shopping aie aie.... Museums, exhibitions, decorations, theatre, not one minute for you.....
    I am completely jealous...... I am envying you.
    May be M knows people there who will know where to bring you.
    I feel like at home when walking in the NY'streets... Sometimes, American persons are asking me the way to take to go somewhere!! I look kike an active American woman, like a fish in his bocal...... In French.
    Take a bit of this town for me... I like the small Bendel's shopping building, I go to the hairdresser there each time. I am excited for you.....

  3. Don't take too much of clothes with you, you will buy, find very beautiful things for sure!

  4. I forgot the 7 for address Four Seasons, 57th street.....

  5. You sure have much vacation!

    1. yukkkkkkkk......jealousy....

  6. Is it your business Ananymous? Stina takes her vacations when she wants no?

  7. M is sleeping left side into bed, you on right..... Funny to imagine both of you in bed! Hum... Hum ....

  8. You will love your time in NY. I was there this past December. It is such a fun city with great shopping. Take less than more and you are right you need comfortable shoes. Are you planning on seeing any Broadway shoes. There is a ticket office in Times Square where you can purchase same day tickets very discounted. It is a pain to go to Times Square as it is so crowded but it is a good savings of money. Enjoy your time. He should also take you to Montréal.