Sunday, May 1, 2016

All day long ...

//FROM A to Z//

Spring in the air, spring in my mind, spring in the places we went to and enjoyed life to the fullest. We went to Meatpacking district to see the new Highland which is this old train track they redid and built a walking park on that goes on for quite a bit. They serve ice cream and coffee along the way and I think it's an amazing idea to make the area even more popular. 


  1. Great city, you sure look like you belong there! Or do you prefer Sweden?

  2. Beautiful pictures Stina! /Maria

  3. High Line, not Highland. First part opened already 2009 and last part last year.

  4. I havent seen these wonderful pictures from NY, Central Park, all the ones from this beloved NY. You must have a very good camera (plus the eye to capt soul of all), the photos are excellent and M looked verrrry happy !