Saturday, May 7, 2016



I can't even describe how much me and my family loves Djurgården and this place on one small part of it. We spent three days this week here and these photos are from Thursday.
When the weather is as it has been the last couple of days, 20 degrees and pure sun, Stockholm and Sweden is the best place in the WORLD. So great for family life and just amazingly beautiful. Djurgården is an island in the city and as a Swede you are so blessed with nature, water and pureness everywhere, one can hardly imagine it to be true. As my man said with a sense of humor, "Stina, what on earth is the fuss about Central Park, when you have Djurgården on a sunny day?".
I'll show you more pictures another day, too busy just enjoying it right now. I'm pinching my arm just to make sure I am not dreaming. You know some days are just better then others, this was for sure one of them. I felt so blessed, so, so blessed. My beautiful man and my boys, this weather, living in such a great country for children and family, especially mothers.
One has to be thankful.

Hope you all have a great day and take care of each other!


  1. How can you comparate this place to Central
    Good for families but that's all.

    1. Ohh I can without a doubt compare Djurgården to Central Park, same quality, some beauty, same type of wonderful water, big green places like the Sheep meadow where you on Djurgården can have a picknick under all apple trees, more or less same size, both are located pretty much in the city - what's not to compare?

  2. Remember this when you complain about the country when it is darker.

  3. I like this park and also M and his 2 boys... So proud of his family, his beautiful wife. You always have the right clothes for each circumstances.
    I cannot compare to Central Park as I only know CP but, I believe what you said, it looks very green etc.
    I don't remember if there were so many families at CP but its a detail of course, very good days for children, picnic, and relax. Hugs

  4. Your two sons are absolutely adorable! I have to smile every time I see your younger son because he is such a mini version of your dad, it's o cute!