Sunday, May 22, 2016

Dress code

It's not everyday you'll have two fun things in the same week, but after Chanel we also had the opening of this grandiose hotel Haymarket that opened, an ultra glamorous hotel breathing the 1920's in decor and interior. Absolutely stunning, highly recommend it. They invited some guests to participate in a very spoiled evening full of Champagne and food, music and people.
I went with my best friend Andreas and Johanna (picture later) and we meet up slightly before to get ready together and have fun basically. It's was a perfect evening in many ways and I choose this more dressed yet feminine costume, also from Stella McCartney with Acne silver pumps and a Fendi bag. On top i wore a mohair black bolero by Lanvin.

Talk soon!


  1. What a beautifull couple.... Stina you are really stunning ! a very very pretty woman. I love this SMcC ensemble , Ok , i think that there is no problem with your best friend, if I remember well.... So M cannot be jealous..... But together you look fantastic dressed like this.

    1. Why would M be jealous? This man doesn't look straight, sure he's gay.

  2. Jag säger som din mamma Fina Stina!!!!

  3. Anonymous. Its what I said in more polite terms.