Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Early bird


Drop off to kindergarden and school, running to work but since my man is back home, also some nice pictures in the early morning light, capturing the simple beauty of nature.

Wearing this super nice, blue and white striped top from Zara, trousers from Gina Tricot & sandals from what I think was H&M CC collection in real suede. Combining it with the new Chanel bag and Céline shades.

Today in the afternoon I refilled the tattooing on my lips and eyeliner. I went a bit too safe last year so now I'm making slightly more, getting ready for summer and easy lovely living. It's Jenny at www.ak.se who always does it on me, she also did my eyebrows and it's one of the best things i've done, waking up with natural makeup!
Now I will look horrible for a couple of days, but no pain that doesn't bring anything good!

Talk soon!


  1. Do you know? the world is in the other sense!!' Warm and now good weather in North and bad bad in France....
    M has well done to come to see his beautiful tatoo lady!!! Very soon, ai will make my "retouches" of tatoo . For summer, nothing better. If I was near you, I would make shopping and tatoos and all remaining beauty with you.... Hugs
    Shopping I think that we already buy same things.... Often.

    1. Ohh that would be so nice!

      Yes, i heard about the bad weather down south but apparently it's about to change next week ! Let put our fingers crossed!

  2. P.s. I love your T shirt draped in front.

  3. Loving the sandals, altough plastic! Just got them myself the otherday. Surpricingly comfy for that ridiculous price and so wearable with many different styles.

    1. Plastic, then it's not the same, these are real leather and suede, very good value for money! And yes, super comfy!

  4. I should not insist! but I really prefer you, as you are now, blond hair..... Not tooo dark..... I probably am the only one with this opinion but I assume ,,,,,,