Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Lovely wednesday


Sometimes my Wednesday's off are great, other times they are just full of "musts" that I need to do and it feels like I'm working more then ever. This morning I was cleaning out my closet again, something I need to do frequently as you might have noticed not to feel like a horder and I hate having things at home that I don't use anymore, it makes me feel dirty. That took a good three hours. After I meet up my lovely little sister for a lunch and we had two hours of wonderful conversations before it was time to rush back to Alexis school for pick up and after his little brother.
We've been playing footbol in the garden and I read some books for them in the terrace sofa before now, when it's time for cooking and all of the everyday tasks.
I've decided what to wear for tomorrows Chanel opening cocktail and it's going to be something great, in my style sense anyhow.

Talk soon and have a great evening!

(sweater:Alexander McQueen, lace skirt: Prada, bag: Celine, shades: Prada & shoes: Saint Laurent)

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  1. Beautiful shoes..... Lace skirt also. Well , really fashionable this style. Love it on you.