Monday, May 23, 2016


// CASUAL //

So yes, we're all in LOVE with this Stella McCartney blazer, let's agree to that shall we?
 I loved wearing it to jeans and just a cashmere sweater, bringing Alexis to his French classes and after having lunch with him and my parents in town. Alexis went to one of my favorite stores and was all in French speaking mood going around saying "Celle - là? about different clothes he wondered if I liked and I said "Qui mon cherie" or "No mon ceur".
After I started saying the same back to him, showing shirts and pants saying back, "Alexis, Celle- Là", and mostly he said "No, no, no Maman" until I came to a red, long lace dress, actually stunning and he smiled and said "Qui Maman, Magnifique!".  I mean, me and everyone died the death of cuteness.

He is so charming Alexis, super social, tons of joy and happiness and never a dull or calm moment with him around. So grateful for his amazing spirit.


  1. Very good Stina, soon we will talk in French!' And Alexis is very cute really.
    I am also in love of your vest, impossible to find it here.....
    Au revoir et bonne journée chère Stina.

    1. Dear, order it online here if you want!


  2. Beautiful jacket. It looks great with jeans too. Nice heel as well. The complete outfit, extremely well put together. Brilliant. Alexis is quite the international child. His foreign language skills are developing well.