Monday, May 2, 2016

The passion for ...

// RED //

Now there will be some jumping between the rest of the New York pictures and life back home, hope you enjoy the contrasts!
Lately another colour I've been very fond of again, is red. This bright, tomato red that sometimes feel a little too much when being blond is suddenly perfect when you are a brunette. I want a new red bag in exactly that shade of red and have one in mind, we'll see.

I combined my red Chanel ballerinas with these red, gorgeous sunglasses, also from Hydes. The frames are thick and high quality, just like I want them with a fun twist yet very fashionable.

Have a lovely evening, we had dinner outside at our terrace in 19° and sunny, suddenly owning a house, garden and all makes so much sense.

Have a wonderful evening!


  1. I love red bags too, these Chanel flats are really cute. I've enjoyed your NYC photos so keep them coming :)

  2. Hum hum looking forward to seeing which brand will be the new red bag!!
    I have these red Chanel ballerines, I wear them with a Ferragamos' bag, multi colours with red inside .
    The 555 Red Chanel bag may be?