Monday, May 16, 2016

With a ...

// ... TWIST//

So summer was last week with 25° at most, at now we're back to a typical spring. But we should not complain, as long as it doesn't rain as it sure did this morning. I've fallen in love again with this bag that I bought some month back, maybe it did not click so much since it was dark and snow, the typical thing when you buy more springish things in the middle of the cold up north, but I really love it and it's one of my mans favorite bags on me. He find it utterly cute and chic.With this striped cashmere coat from Salvatore Ferragamo, it really stands out.
Hope you all have a great week, Chanel opening party, family fun with friends and a the grand opening of a new hotel in the town with dress code "elegant" is coming up. Can be fun!

Talk soon!


  1. I really,really love this outfit on you!
    Have a nice week!

  2. You look great, nice plans hope for some posts after this events.

  3. I dont dare to say that I have the same coat, but from Max Mara.... Exactly.... But in silk not in cashmere, which is better in (cashmere). And I also wear it now with the colder temperatures and also,of course, in black under it. Your bag gives the posh touch
    Anyway, your coming week looks very agreeable. Looking forward to seeing pictures of each party.