Tuesday, June 14, 2016



It's been such a fun and lively weekend. Works is a LOT to do like always, Alexis' first school graduation etc and we had our friends from Switzerland and his girlfriend from Paris sleeping over the weekend and on top of that hosting a big garden party for grown ups and children.
So after it all was over, I needed to sleep for a full day, which of course would never happen so we just tough it through. Next week is also Midsummer and all planning for that. Luckily most of it is just fun, but even so, my body screams for calm and easy evening in front of a film.

Anyhow, just an excuse for having no time to update here but this morning, I wore this combo that I really like. The knitted sweater from Zoe Jordan I alos have in long sleeves but in off white and the leather skirt makes it less cute with the sale bargain shoes from Mango and the Saint Laurent bag.

Hope you all have a sunny day, just like us! We ended this day with dinner close to us in Djrusholm, Yolo is truly an impressive little restaurant!


  1. Why do you not skip some parties when you know you need rest due to the migrane? Is being social more important than your health?

  2. Anyway you look superb with this ensemble dearest....