Wednesday, June 8, 2016



The collaboration that Petra Tungården did with the one and only Fitnessguru is just so amazing, honestly, so God damn good looking.
Petra and the brand clearly focused on what women want with exercise which by fact are: slimmer waist, longer and slimmer legs, fuller chest etc and created a fierce exercise collection with that in mind. When it launched I fell in love straight away and could not choose what to take and skip, so obviously ended up getting the whole collection, even the full body suit! Quite dare yes, but I do Pilates with women only so what's to fear? Nothing, we should embrace our curves and bodies!


  1. How do you get fuller chest with training? Easier to buy like you right?

    1. Because the sport-bra has padding inside!

    2. Ha ha ha, I love such anonymous jealous morons on the net! Yes, in fact getting a boob job is the only way to get a fuller chest. On putting up many kilos, but this makes your butt fat as well, which you for sure have got, given your disgusting comment!

    3. Tyvärr var byxorna slut i L så det blev inget köp för mig. Ville gärna ha både byxa och top. Du kommer se asgrym ut i bodysuiten. Ha en fin dag. kram Linda

  2. Hej Stina .En fråga var har du köppt din benvita linne med svart kant
    runt som du har kort på instagram .Så fint o du passade så bra i det .
    Tacksam för svar kram Rosie

  3. Thanks for the tip! They look amazing! //Katja