Wednesday, June 15, 2016

garden party

// CRAZY FUN // 

So we had planned this Garden Party at our house one late, tipsy night like a month ago, when us all gathered at a restaurant in town, having dinner, wine and cocktails and thinking a party for 12 grown ups and 13 kids would be the time of our life.
So said and done, M and me ordered six kilo amazing meat from a butcher around and I marinated it with my fathers recipes for two days which made it taste delicious. We would have everyone sleeping over so I was also fixing the house, guestroom etc etc for them all. We put up two tables on our terrace, bought tons of flowers and bought a lot of bubble, beer, red and white wine and strong alcohol.

I mean it was just SOOOO much fun and so perfect, we had our nanny looking after most of the kids even if all of us parents were of course also constantly running around and checking on them.

We started at 4pm and partied and danced like no tomorrow until 00.30am where everyone was in bed, the party was over, the kids where finally sleeping, some had taken a taxi back home. Our swiss/parisian couple just looked at us (they have no children) and said "Aha, this is how parents party! They meet up early, do it hard and intensive and then everyone is asleep by midnight since you all have to take care of the kids in the morning ...!!!" And yes, that is pretty much the truth.
We had tons of food and beverages left since everyone was too occupied just enjoying ...  The only one bottle of Rum was used, the rest not even opened. But better with too much then the opposite! 
I had so much fun and really, had pain in my jaws from laughing constantly. Everyone seemed happy and I thank everyone who came! Love you guys!

(and yes, we sometimes party smoke, we are humans and live as each of us want, right, so please no comments on that ...)


  1. So fun, this is the way to have a party with young kids, we had many over the years with our group and now that our kids are teens and young adults we still have the parties without them, and now we stay up later too, last party I think we danced until 2:30...
    Lovely stylish group and you are looking very well Stina. XOX

  2. Åh så kul ni verkar haft. Vi brukar ofta ha fest med barnen. Det är så viktigt tycker jag för barn att se sina föräldrar ha kul.

    Ha en super fin sommar. Kramar Karoline_79, Karoline R

  3. a little party never hurt somebody :)
    looks fantastic!
    one question, since I have a garden party coming up in two weeks at my house I wonder, what did You serve with the meat and drinks? I see some good looking salad?

    xox Ulla

  4. Well I used to be exhausted when I came home from my husbands family in Paris. They usually have dinner very late in the evening, then put the children to bed and continue to party until five in the morning. And the strangest thing is that they don't seem to be tired next day because they're always up and going quite early. But I must say that I really love it and nowadays I always sleep a lot before we go there, need to prepare myself for all the fun nights. The "Swedish" way is nice to of course. Looks like you had so much fun Stina!

  5. Looks like a lot of fun! Love the fact that you keep celebrating life with friends even though you have kids. I myself have four and love the parties in the summer outside with friends, family and of course our little monsters! To the next party CHEERS, L

  6. Stina, don't smoke, take care of your children. Smoking is very unhealthy!! Why you do that?

    1. HOW is this any of your business telling another grown person what to do?? For real..

    2. I mean, so tired of all of these super perfect people trying to judge. I smoke maybe five times per year when I drink with people i like and have fun with. I don't do drugs, I never drink when I'm alone, I don't abuse food or eat a lot of chemical or bad food or put plastic on my nails every two weeks - we all have something less healthy in our life. Who cares???

      Please grow up, don't be so judgmental, it's a very unpleasant side of a human.

      Thank you,

  7. My comment has not left!! Strange...

  8. I try once more. Hope not problems with wifi again...
    Splendid fiesta...

  9. right, smoking is terrible. I hate it. But garden party looks like fun...

  10. Och jag som just skulle utbrista i ett hurrrra!!!! Vad härligt med en fri människa som inte redigerar bort allt sk icke-ok.. Very effin liberating!!!!!!

  11. I just begin ro be fed up with these people who give lessons about averything. Stina you should not published these comments.... I mean about smoking, about everything blablabla. For me it could have been haschish and what?? You are young, its a great party you do what you wish...... These judging people and whi always give lessons, I really begin to get mad about them. Usually they are the worse for many things ....blablabla.... Return to church if you prefer, leave people to do what they want, it's not your business. And frankly Stina you should not waist your time to answer. Mainly someone like you who have a very healthy life, and are perfect with your children and it was OUTSIDE,..... Well that's all for tonight but I am really fed up with all these beni/oui/oui in French!!!!

    I hope it was haschich!!!! Well I am joking but not far from what I think,