Sunday, June 5, 2016



For all my style junkies and fashionistas out there, with a passion for clothes just as me. I have so many blouses, dresses, pants that needs constant ironing and so often I stand there, wanting to wear a nice shirt in the morning and realize it's just to much wrinkles on it.
I've been dreaming of a steamer for a long time but often they are too big and clumsy so I was thrilled when I found this one, portable, cheap, small, easy to use but works fantastic and best of all, you can travel with it. it's so light!
 It takes away all wrinkles, and can even create perfect folding on pants and shirt sleeves and has a foldable, tiny ironing board for when you are on the go and want to iron properly. It works on sensitive materials as silk, cashmere, lace etc ...
Honestly, I don't know what I did before this little steamer came into my life. Highly recommend it! It took be about three minutes to get this shirt usable and my man uses it all the time when he travels in business, he hates this creased parts behind the knees on his suit pants and they go away in 20sec!

You can find it here!


  1. Me too, absolutely love my steamer!! Much easier than an iron. Nice closet view. Your hangers look all the same (something velvet?). Do you mind sharing where they are from?? //Laila

    1. So good! I hate ironing and have someone doing it for us,. but sometimes you just want to wear a top that is not perfectly done and then the steamer works miracle!

  2. Tusen tack för tipset! Har tänkt köpa en sådan i flera år men har varit osäker på vilken så det har inte blivit av. Men nu jäklar :-)

  3. Great product! Ordered it straigth away and hope it arrives soon to Switzerland for my holidays. Thanks! Angela