Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tear Trough

You are many who email me what small changes one can do to look better. It's also one of the most common question I'll get at the clinic, what one can do to just look fresher! Most people wants to achieve a very natural look, yet with visible and clear improvements.
One of my favorite injections to do is to put filler in the hollowness under the eyes, a treatment called Tear Trough. It's complicated for the medical treater, so you need to be careful and chose a very experienced one, but the results are magnificent when they're done correctly.

That clear shadow line, very often dark gives a very tired, old and sad look to a face and it takes so little effort to have them gone! It can occur when you are 25 years old or 45 years (after that age, almost all women and men have them), no matter what it's so easy to take them away and to give a more natural looking impression.
Look at your face and try to picture that the area under your yes is flat, moist, fresh and without any dark shade or lack of tissue, it makes ALL the difference and it's also what eye concealer is trying to get, but even with the best of brand, you can disguise loss of tissue. It's just impossible.

Most patients that end up doing this Tear Trough treatment (see pictures and read more about it, here), always comes back three weeks later and say "my God, why haven't I done this before, my life has litterally changed from going to constant dark, tired and almost sick look to stunning and healthy". Which makes me super happy of course because we all deserve to look our absolute best we can!

I decided to post some links to interesting articles or information I've written and done over the years. If you're interested, check them out! In most places it says that I work at my old clinic, so now you all now that I'm at Akademikliniken, right?! Unfortunately they're mostly in swedish, but mostly the pictures talks for themselves!

1. A natural looking tired looking face with a lot of enhancement with correct medical skin products, recommended by me and BOTOX - HERE.

2. Getting hollowness on a young girl improved with Tear Trough HERE and on a older person HERE.

3. Getting a full face improvment on a older woman, going from sad and tired looking 63 years old to absolutely stunning HERE, see the smaller pictures "before and after pictures"  in the article, done with Botox, medical products and Fillers.

4. Getting the jaw line more visible or enhanced, HERE.

5. Read a very normal comment from a 55 year old lady and what she can do to clearly get improvement without surgery, HERE.

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