Thursday, July 14, 2016

A little excursion

// MAMI & PAPI //

So two days ago my parents and my cousin and his fiance arrived and unfortunately the weather has been rather cold for this area. Only about 24°. So today my father is taking is to Cassis for a night of pleasure and I'm leaving my man, the kids and his parents so that they can have some alone time and I will have time to talk with my family which will be so cosy.

(top: Vanessa Bruno, pants: Mango & sandals: Hermés)


  1. your face is so swollen. you look so old with all the botox injections...sad sad sad...

    1. sad sad sad and ugly ugly ugly your face of a jealous woman....have a better day!

  2. Night of pleasure - Stina, det låter oanständigt! :D :D

  3. Always nice to have your family visiting, and you seem to have a wonderful, relaxing vacation. I want to thank you for taking time and giving us all beautiful photos, updates etc. It is very nice to "check in" and read and look at. I hope the weather changes and gets warmer where I am, and I sure wish I had a pool. But if the weather just gets warmer one can swim in the ocean and that is very nice too. Wishing you a continuing nice vacation. //Laila

  4. But you don't answer to questions!