Wednesday, July 6, 2016


// BESTIE // 

So finally she arrived, my bestie and my God daughter. We've already been to the market, had a nice and long lunch in the shade, maybe a Cuba Libre by the pool and enjoyed the sunny weather and bathed about hundreds of times.

She loved one of the bathing suits I got so much I gave one to her.Now you can find them and the baskets at Stina's Vintage Store !!

I just have a few, so be fast!

Happy Shopping!


  1. i like your shoes ..which brand pleeeease ?!

  2. Sorry I asked on IS for the bathsuit same than your of your bestie and I see now that you Stina so generous, you gave it to her. Two beautiful girls at pool.

  3. Comparing to last year, your breast is fabulous, bigger and you was right to make it this way.