Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Coconut yoghurt

// SNACK //

I slept about four hours this night, maybe I had my afternoon coffee too late, maybe it was the light from the computer that kept my eyes open. So this day have been slow and I had to take a 2h nap in the hammock in the middle of the day, after preparing one of our guest rooms for our longed for guest.
I did manage to buy some bathing suits that will be up very soon, they are just so beautiful! Stay tuned since I only got a few of them, whatever they had in the boutique.

Anyhow, this was me today having one of my favorite coconut yoghurt with the bambinos. My man and father in law is off to pick up our guest so no more quite days.

Talk soon!


  1. I really love all your bathsuits....impossible to find this kind here ... very unusual.,only at seaside.
    Or may be , I dont search enough I hate to try on bathsuits......
    Happy M, once more .... You are superb

  2. your new breast looks fantastic !!!!!