Sunday, July 24, 2016

From me to me


So many great insights have come to me the past time, simply because I have had time for my thoughts with nature as a guide with its powerful tool of making things clear. I now know what I don't want. Really what I've become allergic too and what I thought I wanted but honestly realize that I don't want in the end. I think this year will be full of necessary changes for me. I hope what I created here will remain and that I can stay as focused as I feel in this writing moment when I get back to everyday life.


  1. Stina!
    I just have to ask you for your opinion! (Hope it's okay, since you're the pro)
    I decided to buy the 5 step products from Jan Marini
    at Skincity 2 months ago...
    Problem is, the minute it became summer and i stepped outside my
    cheeks got burnt, (really red and soar) I've since then (1 month) not really been out in the sun
    but after som tannning yesterday with 50 spf my cheeks are terribly red.
    What is your opinion? Have I ruined my skin? I will probably get pigment
    spots all over and Im only 26 :( (never gotten burnt in my life before!)....
    I normally wouldnt write such a long question but im really panicing over my skin.
    What to do??
    Best regards!!

  2. Wise words Stina! I also have the same thoughts right now, so much that I have actually started thinking about leaving my stressful work and do something else. Life is too short for all this stress. In the end it's the simple things that matters the most, to be able to spend time with the people you love. Take care! /Maria

  3. I am so curious to hear of these changes...Love the blog. It transports me back to southern France where I once spent a year...

  4. Sometimes a little detour helps clear the mind, re-evaluate and make decisions is just what is needed. Your wonderful parents, I'm sure, are always supportive. They, too, want the best for you. Wishing you every happiness (and greater happiness) as you make your changes. Susan