Saturday, July 9, 2016

Gül Hürgel


I saw this dress on Plum Sykes the first time and just fell in love, thinking it would be the absolute perfect dress for lovely summer nights. The white very feminine cut, somehow simple, yet not. Classic but something fashionable and with a comfortable sense which most of my clothes needs to have nowadays.

This Turkish very fashion forward designer, Gül Hürgel makes dresses for women with dreams, that's how I feel it, like the character from a movie. I truly felt very pretty, I mean what else can you do in a gorgeous dress like this?

(find it HERE)


  1. Stina, because of your instagram post I checked out this brand and would love to get a dress! But don't know which size, I am between medium or a large in most brands. Which size did you get? Do you find it runs true to size?

    1. Yes, I have a small, but she'll custom make it if you need. Just email her your meassurments! It's so beautiful!

  2. Women with...dreams?