Saturday, July 9, 2016

Out for dinner

// LOVE //

Beautiful house, beautiful location, beautiful man, beautiful friend, beautiful dress ...


  1. Yes more &more beautiful your man.......
    And very nice house

  2. Your pretty friend is very tall. I never noticed that before,
    Happy man with 2 beautiful girls aside...
    Enjoy pool so hot here also but in a town .

  3. Lovely dress. Crisp white is so nice in the summer sunshine. You all look wonderful, enjoying your fun in the sun holiday. Susan

  4. Stina I love your blog and the places you go - love that you include your beloved Tiger in all your activities as a family - there is no way I could take my pets overseas for a holiday and then bring them home to Australia without a lengthy quarantine period ( remember Johnny Depp and his dogs)- how does it work in Europe? Does Tiger fly in a crate? What papers do you need? Love R