Saturday, July 2, 2016



It was a long time since I fell in love in a dress like I did in this one and I think I will love and appriciate it for quite some time. For all of you fashionistas out there keeping up and being fashion forward you probably already recognize the style that Vita Kin started, for the rest of you, well now you know. Ukrainian design has never been more "in" and this dress is handmade and took two weeks to do. What about that?
I wore it to this exeptionally fun party in Geneva this Saturday for the second change of clothes and partied in it all through the night and morning. Really, love it!

(combined with: shoes: Louboutin and bag/shades: Chanel)


  1. The dress is cool, but I googled ot and think the price is simply immoral. I know that prices are often set up so that rich people can sjow their status and, moreover, I think they have a right to do what they want with their money. But this is another story. The point is that clothing industry abuses all of us at the end.

  2. The dress is simply spectacular- when I first saw the picture I said that it looks Ukrainian. So much hard work goes into such a lovely piece and you wear it exceptionally well! Lisa S.

  3. Very fashionable. We call that patchwork culturel in French or tribal trip or anything concerning this Afrofusion or anything coming from everywhere. All 'couturiers' have made that this year. From Balacianga to Valentino, Acne, etc etc.
    Very nice in you.