Thursday, August 18, 2016

Geneva for a week

So a week in Geneva is slowly coming to an end, some time left though. It's been amazing to really explore this city and all areas around this time, also the parts next to the border, the nice French areas, something i really haven't done before here.
Normally we come for something; a party, a wedding, someones birthday and I stay at M's parents house in Geneva and are going by car to a certain destination or property and enjoy it there but don't really understand where I am in reality, so I wanted more this time, to not come for something else then really getting to know as much as possible here. And boy have I! We've been almost everywhere, on both coasts, many residential areas around the city, in the French part, country side, city life etc etc. I'm so happy with this trip and will come back very soon, I've come to really like Geneva and everything it has to offer.


  1. Geneva seems to offer many positive features. Sounds like a very robust and desirable place to live. How does Geneva compare to living in Sweden? Susan

    1. EXPENSIVE!!!! and smaller! Ha, ha ha ha

  2. As everywhere when visiting somewhere new, it looks very nice. To live in Geneva is not exactly the same.... It has changed a lot a lot... Try in others months during the year than summer time....
    A person from Geveva writing, born there, living there. I even dont recognize my town... Good luck if you think to live there.....

  3. Dear Stina, where did you get your lovely green sunglasses?
    Suits you perfectly !