Sunday, August 14, 2016

worth everything

// BESTIE //

So we went out to my best friends summer house and spent the weekend there with the kids that are so close that we call them cousins since we are each other oldest child's God mother. It's so relaxing, so much fun, no rules that can not be broken, impeccable nature and mind blowing view from the house over the sea.
Honestly, what would my life be without this woman by my side? We even showed up dressed more or less exactly the same. I love her and her family like real family.
Hanging all of us gives me strength, I laugh constantly and everything is real and pure, nothing superficial, nothing problematic, just natural and a lot of fun. They served crayfish so after all four children was put to bed, we finally started the crayfish party and like every year, me and my besties husband won the "who eats most crayfish" contest. Very proud of that title.

Have a great weekend, now we're off too Geneva all family!


  1. Nothing better than best friends. The warmth, love and understanding is so precious. I am glad you have a wonderful best friend. In good times and hard times, a best friend is always there for you. SUsan

  2. This is a hot topic in my life now, regarding My Little Princess. It´s hard living as a female sometimes, since it´s becomes cruel and backstabbing at a age as young as 5 (!) in a girls life :'( And when you don´t know of any jealousy in your life, it´s hard to answer the backstabbers. And I have no weapon to give Her, since my backstabbers have marked me in such a way that 'ensam är stark' (=alone is strong) attitude has been my tune for decades in order to not get hurt again, which I know is bollocks, but it is so for now.

    All and all; as female, a female bestie is rare and as you so nicely wrote: "worth everything".

    1. So sad to read that Sheyda, give her balance and secureness at home and work on her love to herself and talk to teachers, school, mothers of those who bully and that's will hopefully give her what takes ot survive!