Thursday, October 6, 2016


Thank you for all comments last month, finally 
i've found time to answer many of them! 
Go ahead and read and please do't hesitate to ask!


  1. BONJOURRRRRRR! thanks for all your replies Stina.I and am sure Ican say WE, your readers, are dying to know what are these 2BIGCHANGES in your life ,or in our webpage for us.Just kidding.well, what can it be? perhaps, you guys will have to travel once a month to Geneva in the new house you have inherited on M's side??? Am I right??laughing. all right, have a cool yet productive day! Cath

  2. Dear Stina!

    Thank you for your answer on my comment and hope that your migraine is getting better?

    Don't give up on analyzing your migraine. It can be something your body or soul is trying to tell you. Try to ask yourself questions. Are you suppressing some emotions? Is there any childhood fear you have deep inside? Do you feel that you're in a wrong place or doing a wrong work?

    Some people say that empaths - highly intuitive people who usually take on and absorb other people’s energy - tend to experience migraine.

    Can your migraine have a psychosomatic cause? Louise Hay means that every symptom our body experiences has an inner cause. For headaches she mentions: invalidating the self, self-criticism and fear. For migraine headaches she names: dislike of being driven, resisting the flow of life and sexual fears.

    Some mean that when a crown chakra opens and the energy flow gets intense, people might experience headaches and migraines. There are even other links between spirituality and headaches.

    Maybe try to find a holistic healer, if trust this kind of practice, and see if they can help you?

    Sorry in case any of that sounds strange. I just tried to give possible ideas of what people say out there. So I didn't mean to hurt or be pushy by any of this.

    Take care Stina and get well!


  3. I sincerely hope that all is well with you. I sense some personal upset and life circumstance difficulties. Resolving the situation to your satisfaction is important to your well being and happiness. Only you can improve this situation. Always remember, your needs are important. You deserve only the best. Settling for less should not be an option, as this will only make you sad and disappointed. I enjoy your blog and all the wonderful topics you explore: mothering, fashion, travel, beauty products and practices, and family. Again, I hope you are well and I miss the Stina that I got to know. Susan

  4. Is everything ok with you?
    You don't post anything. Do you have any problems?


  5. Hi Stina,
    How is it going? Yes true, there's seldom any updates anymore. Are you preparing a long post about life? (I love those)...
    Please take care of yourself!